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About the Chapter

The William Whitley Chapter, located in Williamsburg, Kentucky, was organized January 30, 1965. The chapter celebrated its 40th anniversary with a tea on January 30, 2005, at Whitley Central Intermediate School, in Williamsburg, Kentucky. The chapter celebrated the 50th anniversary at a chapter meeting on April 25, 2015.

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William Whitley Chapter Officers

Regent, Carolyn Murray Falin
First Vice Regent, Laurel Fuson
Chaplain, Marcella Faulkner Mountjoy
Corresponding/Recording Secretary, Emily Murray Meadors
Treasurer, Wanda Cornelius
Registrar, Donna Renfro Rains

Synder House

Chapter Officers, left to right, at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the chapter, April 25, 2015: Marcella Mountjoy, Chaplain, Wanda Cornelius, Treasurer, Carolyn Murray Falin, Regent, Emily Murray Meadors,Corresponding/Recording Secretary, Laurel Fuson, First Vice Regent, Donna Renfro Rains, Registrar.

Past Chapter Regents

Nell Easley Davis, Organizing Regent (1965-68; 1971-73)
Mildred Siler Sheils (1968-1971)
Edna Moore Stewart (1973-79)
Audrey Peavley Williams (1979-1985)
Ann Renfro Shelley (1985-89)
Rayma McDowell Nicholson (1989-1992)
Lillian Bondurant (Bonnie) Farrar (1992-93; 2000)
Marcella Mountjoy (1994-1997)
Fannie Morgan (1998-1999)
Wanda Jeffries (2001-2002)
Donna Renfro Rains (2002-2004)
Patricia Jo Ramey Mullins (2004-2007)
Rebecca Jones (2007-2008)
Patricia Jo Ramey Mullins (2009-2010)

Historic Homes in Williamsburg

Synder House

For a number of years the chapter produced a calendar of photographs of historic homes and churches in Williamsburg. The home shown above is the Snyder/Carson home, which was built around 1884 and was the first brick home in Whitley County. All the calendars were produced with photographs by Laurel Fuson, chapter member.

Whitley County Book


Our chapter is also proud of Whitley County, Kentucky History and Families, a book which our chapter, along with the Whitley County History Book Committee, helped compile. It includes Whitley County community histories and histories of businesses, churches, schools, and families of Whitley County from 1818-1993.